Faded interior?


If anyone has the dreaded door panel/dash fade from years of the sun, I’d like to pass along a trick I found and tried that works very well.

Please be aware I am not a professional technician. Any information provided is tried at your own risk and expense. Now that the pleasantries are out of the way…

My 1997 Acty Truck has seen 23 years of sun in Japan. Naturally the door cards and part of the lower console became quite faded. !


I used a standard 1500w heat gun and very carefully went over the panels. Starting quick and far away at first. You will become more comfortable as you go. Just be aware you’re essentially melting the plastic so be very careful. Also be aware of what’s behind the door panel. Things can catch fire or melt!

It worked well for me but different applications may have different results.

Good luck! Beats painting!


Definitely going to have to try this soon! My door cards are in similar shape. Did you have the heat gun on the lowest setting? Or Does it depend on the situation?


I started on the lowest setting just to get a feel for it then went up to about half. Any higher would probably warp the panels. I actually did the same trick to my bumper and mirrors. Works great!! Here are before and after.