Honda Acty Attack project


Hello, I’ve created this thread to document my Acty project. I bought it in Japan with 16k miles on it. Its a 1988 Honda Acty, Attack with Realtime 4wd, ultra low fwd/rvrs and a diff lock. As some of you know I got the truck before the Forum was created. I decided to post pictures and the progress from the beginning so people could see the slow transformation. Not much for now but still a work in progress. So here are some pictures of it at port.

HA2-1002822_28_vga HA2-1002822_29_vga HA2-1002822_32_vga HA2-1002822_39_vga HA2-1002822_30_vga


So long story short I went to pick the vehicle up from Port and it wouldnt start. No biggy as they have jumpers. Starts right up but as soon as they removed the jumpers it dies. ALTERNATOR!!! FUCK!!! So we then proceeded to push the vehicle off the port property so I could go get a battery. After getting a battery and coming back I installed it and it fired right up. I new that it was running on battery alone and the engine was slowly draining it. Hurried up and got it home about 20 miles away. Long story short I though it was gonna blow up on the freeway. Had no idea these things were this loud and that much wrapped out on the freeway. Finally made it home and time to search for an alternator.


Dang, at least is was not too hard to troubleshoot. From my experience, they do fairly well while running at higher rpms. I’ve ran extended trips on interstate highways doing roughly 5k rpm and not overheating or getting any engine trouble. Doing about 60-70mph most of the way. Not really something you can sit back during and talk to a passenger… as they can’t hear you haha.

Glad to hear you made it all in one piece and now have a kei truck! Looking forward to the build!