Honda Acty HA3 GAZ Coilover


Just wanted to a short write up on coilovers for the Acty. I got these coilovers from Gaz over in the UK You can contact them at The cost of the shocks were around $650 and that included shipping to Hawaii! There’s a 3 week wait because they are built to order. I asked to have mine valved a bit softer because out roads are really bad here. I use them at the softest setting and it is a good balance of performance and comfort.

IMG_2888 IMG_2889
Gaz only makes a 2WD version but the 2wd version can easily be adapted to work. There is also a little binding when turning but I will update when I find a solution.


Whats the difference between the 2wd and 4wd? Mine is 4wd and this looks like it would mount up no problem…


an old pic from my HA4. The bottom of the shock will hit the CV boot. You have to raise it to clear the drive shaft.
I added a 50mm collar. You’ll have to grind a little bit of the shaft to get the mounting bolt to fit.
This is how it looks like mounted on a HA3 2WD.


How much lower do these make you sit compared to stock? Would you recommend flipping the leaf spring for the rear in addition to the coilovers?


image It’s about 3 inch drop in front and and 2 inches on the back. For the rear, I just removed the middle leaf.


Right now I have a custom rear leaf. Its shorted and the eyes are reversed. The problem I’m running into know is the rear shock is bottoming out. Gonna order another set of rear shocks and go from there. image image
The shortened spring fixed the geometry on the rear shackle
image image
Some before and after pics of the new leaf installed