Honda Beat Project


Hey all, here is my newly acquired 1991 Honda Beat that I imported myself from Japan. I’ve got lots of plans for it. From day one of receiving it I have started the process of modifying it. I will update with pics and progress as I go. Here is some pics of me picking it up at port. The bonus is it came with a full body kit, a Momo wheel, and rims. After receiving it I noticed it had a pretty good leak from the top so that will need to be addressed. My ultimate goal is to supercharge or turbo it. The right way!! With low comp pistons and engine management. !

Ive already got quite a few things ive ordered for it. I am going to separate my posts in order from when I first got my car. To help keep my first post less cluttered.



Looking forward to seeing the progress! Im searching for my very own beat also. Ordered a body kit from last month.


NICE!! Can’t wait for you to get yours!


Now to address the broken drivers side taillight. I already new the Beat had a busted one in Japan so right away I bought a new one from my export dealer. I also bought a new carbon fiber rear spoiler while I was at it :sunglasses:. Unfortunately the spoiler showed up broken and they sent the wrong “passenger” tailight. I contacted the exporter and they already new about the tailight. The new one was on its way and I got to keep the old. :sunglasses: My guy in japan immediately submitted a claim to the Japanese post office. Now it is waiting time…
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