Honda E07A Tear Down


Whats up everyone!

From the looks of it, a significant portion of the members of this forum own either a Honda Acty or a Honda Beat, one of them being myself (1991 Acty).

I wanted to post this, as well as a link to a video I made about the process of the tear down, as a reference for other people that have a vehicle with this engine or are curious about using this platform. Here is a link to Part 1 of the engine teardown video:

The following are some images that may be useful so you don’t have to keep pausing the video to cross reference.

Here is the engine with the transmission removed and the clutch and flywheel accessible. The clutch is attached to the flywheel with 6 - 8mm bolts.

Now that the clutch is removed, the flywheel is attached to the crankshaft with 5 - 14mm bolts. The bolt holes on the flywheel are offset so there is only one way to put it on, so just keep spinning it until you line up all 5 of the hole.

Here you can see a little bit better how the holes for the flywheel are offset.

There’s only 4 threaded holes on the block for the bell housing of the transmission to attach to. You have to either have long enough bolts and nuts to go to the unthreaded holes, or get creative to attach the mount for your engine stand.

Its a thing of beauty!

To remove the airbox/filter from the intake plenum theres just 6 screws that can be removed with a phillips head screwdriver. The blow-by tube attached to the valve cover recirculates to the filter so you might wanna replace it if you’re down on power, oil will build up over time.

Just thought this was a good look at some of the hoses, IACV (Idle Air Control Valve) and the fuel rail with it’s badass MTREC cover.

To remove the plenum (as seen two pictures above) you remove 4 - 12mm bolts that go through the plenum and throttle body and attach to the intake manifold. There are also a little bracket underneath the plenum with 2 - 12mm bolts you’ll need to remove in order to fully remove the plenum and gain access to the throttle bodies, yes ITB’s!! That’s one of the awesome parts about the Beat version of the E07A. That and of course fuel injection.

Here is the intake manifold with the airbox/plenum/ITB sandwich removed. Note that there are gaskets between the throttle body/manifold as well as between the plenum/throttle body.

To remove the intake manifold you’ll need to disconnect the air intake sensor and some grounds, as well as remove the fuel rail ( 2 - 10mm bolts) and disconnect the 3 fuel injectors from the harness (reminder there are little metal clips holding them together, they will be a pain in the ass to disconnect if you don’t remove the clip first). It’s pretty straight-forward to remove with 5 - 12mm bolts with a gasket between the manifold/block.

That’s it for now! I’ll be updating with more progress and videos that go more into depth than these posts will be. Be sure to subscribe to be up to date on all the kei car stuff I do on my channel. Also, feel free to add any specs/requests that I can help you with.



Here are the second and third parts to the video tear down series. Excited to start the rebuild process!


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