What’s up everyone!

I’m sure people will start trickling in so here’s a place to introduce ourselves.

My name is Zach, I’m milehighkei on IG and Youtube. I have a 1991 Honda Acty van and a 1991 Suzuki Carry truck. The truck is currently getting a D16 swap and I have a Beat engine (E07A-PGM-FI) on the way for my van.


Stoked to meet everyone and share our tips and tricks!

Keep it small!


Welcome everyone!

Im Aaron, the site admin. Looking forward to building our little community



92 honda Acty out of sw Florida


Hey guys!

My name is Jesse, I own a 1992 Honda Acty Town 4wd w/AC. If you are on Instagram my name is oh9bolt.



Hey! I’m David aka DangerDave! From NC. YouTube and Instagram at dangerdave95. I have an 04 chana star van and also a 03 chana star mini truck. The van is my daily driver. 31 IMG_20180828_192738816 photo_editor2_temp


Hi there! I am Kenneth, and I own a 1994 Hijet that since 2016 has been undergoing a 13B rotary swap. I live over in Washington state. My IG and YouTube are Wankeled_Hijet_Scooter_Dude.


Most recent during the swap.


Whats up yall!! Im Kyle and Im from Washington state as well. I currently have two projects going on. A 88 Acty and a 91 Beat. I also have two seperate build threads. Although there not entire builds they are definitely never ending projects. Ive started posting pictures from the beginning of the builds so people could see progress from the start of when I owned them. Heres a pictture of the Brother and Sisters together. Go together like Nanners & Cream!!! lol



Aloha Everyone my name is Dean and I have a 91 Honda Acty one of several here in Hawaii image image image image image image


Welcome Dean, got any plans for that sweat Acty there!


Hopefully repaint and widebody


Alvin here #JDMMaggot


There he is! What’s up Alvin!


FINALLY how is the forum going?


It’s starting to get rolling!