New here, wanted to say hi


Hey guys, been into cars for years, mostly VWs this is my first Honda and import. I’m from Philadelphia and this was primarily bought to be a surf/beach van. Head out to the beach early AM or late at night. Hopefully going to be a comfy spot for napping and eating in between waves. Planning to retrofit a few things including an outside shower and a inside roof surf rack.

But first need to invest hours on maintenance.Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Also picked some civic wheels for $100 to lose the hubcaps


Just checking, where did you buy your rims from? I’m looking for a set of Civic 14x5" rims :slight_smile:


I got them from a junkyard for cheap. You can search most junkyards put their inventory on the website. These were off a 97 civic HX. They are 14x5.5 but they have the same backspacing of other 5in civic wheels.


Spent the day taking off all the pealing decals. Now just waiting on a parcel from Japan with all new fresh ones.


Thanks Jonathan! BTW, the new wheels look great!


So I guess I goofed up on part numbers and got silver instead of the black decals. So I popped them on. Not in love with them but I’ll rock them until I do or breakdown and get the other ones on my next order from Japan.

Pictures looks worse than real life


Wanted a way to attach a few car seats In the back so I can bring my kiddos along with me on adventures. This is just the first iteration.



Waiting on my coilovers and few more odds/ends before I hit it hard one weekend coming up.


Just got done swapping out my passenger side motor mount, it was thrashed


Purchase the correct realtime/street decals for this acty