Show me your Rims


Post your wheel setups! Be sure to include a picture and specs


image image _ARN7344

14x6 et33 ATS cup wheels with 155/55r14



These are my current wheels! They’re Techno Racing 13 x 5.5 -14 offset with 155/80r13


Here are the wheels that will be going on my Acty

Volk TE37 15x7 +43 I will be using a 20mm spacer so they clear the front springs.

Tires that will be going on are Toyo T1R 195/45r15




15x7 Enkei RPF1’s with 175/55R15 tires. 56 IMG_20181022_164904478_HDR IMG_20180505_172256675_HDR


0102191621 racing hart cp035’s 15×6 iirc can’t remember the offset but I’m running a 1inch spacer all the way around.


image image

Civic hx rims with 165/55r14 Achilles tires and a 5mm spacer all the way around


Are you running the spacer in the rear so the center cap will clear the hub?


Rilakkuma 14x4.5 +45


Lol Zach you’re hella tall