Supercharger project


Hey guys, this is my first time on a forum so I’m not sure what I’m doing lol…
I’m currently working on supercharging my van (Smurfy) it’s a 2004 chana star, it has a 995cc F10A fuel injected 4 cylinder. 31 I’m using an Aisin AMR500 roots style SC. So far I’ve relocated the charcoal canister and modified the AC compressor bracket so I could swing it down to the side to make room for the SC above it. Now I’m currently fabricating the SC mounts. There’s not a lot of room but I’m making it work. I will keep you guys posted.
Here’s some pictures of the SC mock-up and the modified AC bracket IMG_20190102_155601813 IMG_20190101_132927032 IMG_20190101_161706429 IMG_20190103_133420176_HDR IMG_20190101_132934593 IMG_20190103_133318994


Looking forward to seeing the finished product!


Badass!! Keep it up!


This is rad! Do you have a link for the supercharger?


@milehighkei I got it off eBay. It’s a remanufacture from Japan. There’s also a few Chinese copy’s on eBay as well for less.


I’ve been pretty busy lately but I got the supercharger mounted on the engine and got the piping mocked up. New adjustable fuel pressure regulator came in yesterday. Sloooowly coming together.
Top SC mounts. I will get better pictures later on. IMG_20190109_160843410 IMG_20190109_160854875 mock-up of the intake and charge piping. Looks awesome so far!!IMG_20190107_163329_194