Suzuki Carry Engine Swap


What’s up everyone! Here’s a thread for my ongoing project with my '91 Suzuki Carry.

To get everyone up to speed, I’m swapping out the 4WD and the stock F6A that came in the truck for a mid engined D16Y7 out of a '96 Civic. The rear suspension is out of a '03 CR-V and has yet to be mounted in the truck. I’m working on the engine mounts at the moment (I’m a beginner welder so go easy on me). Here’s some pics of the status of the truck.

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Thanks for looking!






O man this thing is gonna be sweat!!


Got the driver side mount mocked up and the engine is off the ground!






Got to mounting up one side of the rear suspension. Had to pull everything apart cause I’m moving out of my studio. Got a new video coming out tonight to catch everyone up to date.


Sorry I haven’t posted in a while!

Just got settled into my new house and moved out of my old shop. So everything is over at my friend Ryan’s shop and we’re ordering materials to get started on the next step of the project: a tube rear end!

I wasn’t satisfied with how it was turning out so it’s back to the drawing board, it’s gonna be sweet!

Thanks for looking and I’ll post a better update soon.