Turbo Honda Acty


Here are some documentation photos and a video of the fabrication of the turbo manifold. Pretty excited about this project. Some background; this is an E07A out of a Honda Beat, which is the fuel injected version of the one that comes in HH3 Acty’s like mine. The bottom end is rebuilt with new bearings, piston rings, etc. The head has also been ported and I’ll be replacing the exhaust valve springs with another set of intake valve springs (they’re heavier duty and should help revving high). I have a long way to go, but enjoy in the meantime!


Awesome!!! Looking forward to seeing the progress!


Looks good! Video was good times too! I suppose you could have used the Vamos turbo manifold. That would have helped with the placement of the turbo a bit. Another thing I noticed recently is those E07As have an oil cap on the top as opposed to the passage out of the block for the Actys!

Cant wait to get my hands on an MTREC.